Saturday, February 2, 2019

DESO Supports Special Mothers Project with wheelchairs

The Disabled Equipment Sent Overseas (DESO) a UK based organization that collects and recycle disabled eqiupment to Ghana has donated wheel chairs  to some mothers of children with cerebral palsy

The wheel chairs  given to the Special Mothers Project, an advocacy and awareness creation programme on cerebral palsy that also serves as a parents support group for children with cerebral palsy is to help enhance and make life a bit easy for the parents

Ms Mavis Hyde, Founder of DESO, during a presentation ceremony said her organization collects  and recycle  disabled equipment  that ordinarily would be disposed off and send to Ghana where persons with disabilities lack basic mobility equipment

She said some of the wheel chairs where a donation from some families raising children with disabilities in the UK whose children have outgrown the equipment

Members of the Special Mothers mainly from the Volta region benefitted from the gesture

DESO also presented a laptop to  Mr Yorn Emilson, an 18 Year old gentleman with cerebral palsy who has never been to school but is able to write and type with his legs

Mrs Hannah Awadzi, Founder and Executive Director of the Special Mothers Project, who recieved the equipment, expressing gratitude, called on the government to pay attention to the needs of families raising children with cerebral palsy

She said: "Elsewhere hospitals will have been equipped  to provide families with the needed mobility equipment and other necessary support services and systems, in Ghana families bear the total burden of care, catering  for a child with Cerebral palsy or disability for that matter."

Mrs Awadzi said society has a role to play in enhancing the lives of families raising children with cerebral palsy

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