Tuesday, February 26, 2019

New GFD President calls for an enhanced inclusive education system

Mrs Mawunyo Yakor- Dagbah, Newly elected President of the Ghana Federation of Disability Organization has called for an enhanced inclusive education system that caters for all children with disabilities

She said “pre-school education in Ghana does not make room for children born with disabilities to successfully participate in pre-school education.”

“This primarily denies the child the opportunity of building some crucial fundamental knowledge and skill sets before commencing basic education.

Mrs Yakor _Dagbah, outlining her vision to the Special Mothers Project said the GFD will engage with the Ghana Education Service and all other relevant regulatory bodies to make provisions in the entire preschool system for children with disabilities

She said, the GFD will pay attention to the overall development of children with disabilities.

“The GFD will pay attention to the development of parents support groups, will engage parents of children with disabilities and reactivate sports for children with disabilities in the various regions.
She said her team will also establish a common platform for women with disabilities.

Madam Yakor-Dagbah also called for the re-profiling of the various categories of disabilities beyond the traditional forms of disability.

“A very careful analysis of the definition of Disability in Act 715 gives a clear indication of a high concentration on those with severe disabilities, resources, programmes and various interventions are therefore made to often target those with pronounced or severe disabilities, leaving out those with mild to moderate forms of disabilities,”

Mrs Yakor-Dagbah said the re-profiling of persons with disabilities will lead to an equitable access to goods and services among all duly recognized persons with disabilities.

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