Thursday, October 4, 2018

Stepping Stones and Disability Resource Centre poised to revolutionalise Disability Issues

Stepping Stones and Disability Resource Centre, an organization committed to providing quality health and social services for persons with disability is revolutionizing disability issues by creating a network of supportive services

Ms Vee Agyare Nelson, Founder of Stepping Stones, said there was the need to revolutionalise the way we handle disability issues in Ghana

“We recognize that our clients need a network of supportive services that empowers them to positively play to their strengths, we thus work closely with families, advocates, education, health and social care professionals to promote the best interests of those we support.”

Ms Nelson in an interview said “I am an outcome based person, I provide services that present tangible and valuable outcomes for families raising children with disability.”

“We use a combination of our experiences, new approaches, on-going services and support for children and young adults with Learning Disabilities, Specific Learning Difficulties, Autism Spectrum Disorders (ASD) cerebral palsy and other special needs.”

Stepping stones also provides facilities where adolescents with disability are trained to do daily living skills like cooking, going to town by themselves, make their own choices and enjoy other social opportunities.

Ms Nelson said: “Most of the children in our facility can now travel by themselves to and from work, do their own banking and uses the ATM and develop skills that are marketable and can land them job opportunities in the real world.”

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