Friday, May 22, 2015

Mrs Veronica Hansen Nortey - Totally Inspirational

Today I met Mrs Veronica Hansen Nortey, Wife of Rev Hansen Nortey and mother of a 16 years old Annette who is Cerebral Palsy.

 Aunty Vero as she is affectionately gave birth to twins, on the third day after birth she noticed that the children had jaundice so she rushed them to the hospital, the doctor gave her some prescription to get for those three days babies, according to her, she visited many pharmacies but couldn't get the drugs meanwhile almost all the pharmacists she met were surprised that a doctor had prescribed those drugs for three days old babies.

 Then one of the babies started vomiting seriously, they rushed the babies again to Korle-bu, when they got to Korle bu they were told that the babies were severely jaundiced and needed an exchange transfusion, (they drain all the babies blood and give new one) this was done, later they were told that the children may delay in speech. 

One of the children died but Annette survived. Annette is now 16 years old, unable to sit supported, stand, walk or even talk properly. Aunty Vero later got trained in APT (Appropriate Paper technology) use to make special chairs and tools to support Cerebral Palsy (CP) children.

 Her vision is to have a creche for CP babies. she currently does wonderful chairs and tools for almost all hospitals doing physiotherapy in Ghana. She is totally excited about Project Eyram and I am totally inspired meeting her. 

Corporate Ghana we need your support and prayers. Support this worthy cause. Media colleagues help me highlight these issues, it is also about development. 

Someone ones said a society is developed when they look after their vulnerable well. Let's note that children with CP are super-intelligent, and can be anything in this world. Talk about this project to your family and friends.
Support a worthy cause

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