Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Project Update

I have been able to gather about 15 women, I have met them not as a group but individually through Mrs Veronica Hansen Nortey. Aunty Vero as she is affectionately called said, they are more than ready for an official meeting, however, the funds needed to meet them is not available.

I have started the process of registering the project with the Register-General's Department, Because I am not done with registration, I do not want to start an official fund-raising campaign for this project.

Truth, however, is this, most of the mothers with CP children are living a frustrated life, most of them have nothing to do but to be saddled with sadness and depression. The children are the major recipient of such negative emotions.

What the special mothers project would be doing is first to share love, encouragement with these women while encouraging them to share experiences.

We will also be looking at projects that could engage the women in small businesses, or trading to get them to be doing something.
We solicit your ideas and funds
Thank You

Mrs Hannah Awadzi (Initiator of the Project)
Senior Journalist

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