Saturday, April 11, 2015

Journalist launches Project to reach out to "Special Mothers"

Mrs Hannah Awadzi, a Journalist with the Ghana News Agency has launched a project to reach out to mothers with children who have developmental challenges

The project dubbed: "Project Eyram" seeks to identify mothers with children who have developmental challenges and encourage them, show them love, encourage them to share their experiences and get them in contact with existing non governmental organizations that are already serving as parental support.

In a statement issued to the media, Mrs Awadzi said such mothers are usually left to be depressed and to grapple with the challenge they have on their hands alone.

"We do not have enough or adequate  social support system for such parents and it can be very traumatic especially for first time mothers who are faced with such challenges. Many women end up getting divorced because they had such children," she said, adding that children are suppose to be a source of joy to new families rather than a cause of divorce.

Mrs Awadzi said sometimes the society tend to stigmatize such mothers because of their children  and some of the mothers are even intimidated to the point of hiding their children.

"I want to encourage such mothers to be proud of their challenged children, show them all the love that thet can, and seek support," These children have special abilities, she added.

She said as part of the project, a book that documents a mothers experience with a special child and how the society reacts will be launched.

She also pointed out that the project had a facebook page and a blog  "project Eyram" where mother could
visit to seek information. People can also contact Project Eyram on 0503878779

Mrs Awadzi commended organizations such as ShareCare Ghana for being the pacesetters

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