Saturday, September 1, 2018

Two organizations support needy CP Mum

Tech Era, an IT based organization with the support of the  Special Mothers Project,  has supported Ms Suzzie Darko a mother of a six year old with cerebral palsy with a poly tank to be used on commercial basis

Ms Darko holds a bachelor’s degree in Administration from the University of Education but says she is unable to work because of her two children, one with cerebral palsy and the other a one year old breastfeeding child.

Following her appeal for support from corporate Ghana to help prevent her and her two children from extreme starvation, Tech Era and the Special Mothers Project jointly bought  and installed  a 2500 litre poly tank to be used to sell water on commercial basis within her community to enable her earn an income.

Mr Derrick Omari, Chief Executive Officer of Tech Era a community engagement initiative aimed at equipping underprivileged children with IT skills, and also to raise IT professionals from under-served communities said his organization is passionate about championing inclusion

Tech Era has extended its reach to the disabled by developing applications that helps to teach the visually impaired to  use computers

Mrs Hannah Awadzi, Executive Director of the Special Mothers Project, an advocacy and awareness creation programme on cerebral palsy issues, said the project is interested in finding sustainable solutions to help enhance the lives of families raising children with cerebral palsy.

“We want to move away from the times when parents raising children with cerebral palsy are giving handouts due to pity, we are looking for programmes that set parents especially mothers up as entrepreneurs in a sustainable way to earn an income and enable them take good care of their children with cerebral palsy.”

Ms Darko, expressing gratitude to the two organizations, urged schools especially at the crèche level to accept children with cerebral palsy in their facilities to enable especially mothers’ work and earn a living

“There are many mothers out there who have turned beggars because they have had to abandon career to take care of their children with cerebral palsy,” she added.

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