Wednesday, January 3, 2018

The Special Mothers Project’s advocacy plan for the year 2018

The Special Mothers Project an advocacy and awareness creation programme on cerebral palsy in the year 2018 will focus its advocacy on  getting people be it individuals or organizations to develop services that suits the needs of families raising children with special needs and in our case cerebral palsy.

We realize that there is very little in terms of services that are beneficial to families raising children with special needs and cerebral palsy in particular.

The Project will be looking into developing appropriate and affordable care giver services. We have partners who are already doing wonderfully well.

Multikids Academy and Foundation is almost a one stop shop, therapy services are available to the public every Wednesday

With God Cerebral Palsy Ghana is a centre where children with disability are accepted to enable especially mothers to work. Ellen Affam- Dadzie, Executive Director of the Centre says it is an educational facility for the children, she is working to make it inclusive and ready to employ two special mothers to work as care givers in the facility.

ICRF is an educational facility at Kanda that is pursuing an inclusive centre for children between the ages of Zero and Five. She has a professional nurse and is ready to employ two special mums to work as care givers. She has a bus to pick up and drop off children at her facility

ShareCare Ghana operates a day care centre and does free physiotherapy services for children with cerebral palsy and adults as well.

The Special Mothers Project wants more of such services to lessen the burden of especially mothers in caring for their children with cerebral palsy.

The Project’s major aim is to empower especially mothers to engage in effective advocacy and do away with the attitude which attracts pity and hands out from on-lookers

Our First meeting for the year 2018 is on 6Th January at the Press Centre, Time is 2PM prompt.

We now have a website do take some time to explore

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