Thursday, January 5, 2017


Exactly four year ago today, God dropped an angel right into my home, what a joy it was to have a baby girl who we agreed to name “Eyram” which means God has blessed me.
Little did I know about the journey that we were to walk together on the planet called earth..
Well at a tender age of four this girl has succeeded in changing the cause of my life, she has succeeded in opening my eyes to things that I hitherto not see.
I discovered she has what is call Cerebral Palsy, a neurological disorder that affects the movement and sometimes speech of children eight month after her birth. Oooh why God, was the only thing that I could say to God then and trust me I really wept.
But I decided to look at the brighter picture, I decided  to ask God, what He wanted me to do, I decided not to focus on the negative, I chose to look at what God could do with me and my daughter’s life, rather than to look at what the devil has done.
It was a tough decision, because in Ghana, I easily came across people who will readily talk to me and even give me the names of the people whom the evil spirit have used to “harm” my daughter.
Today, I smile, I smile not because it’s been easy, it’s been a really though journey, it is not easy at all to live with a child with cerebral palsy. I keep saying when I meet other mothers “My Special Mothers” that our society absolutely have no place for children with cerebral palsy.
Usually, they are not accepted in schools, they are kept indoors because there are no easily accessible mobility devices in Ghana, many people do not even see a future for a child with cerebral palsy.
I smile because it is because of her that I started the Special Mothers Project –, initially, I was just looking for mothers like myself to share experiences with and kind of encourage ourselves but it turned out to be a project that would affect lives positively.
I smile because God has been able to use me to touch the lives of mothers like myself who otherwise did not see any hope for their children.
I smile because the project has adopted a government special school for upgrade and when ready will hopefully engage mothers who have had to abandon career because they had children with cerebral palsy to work as care givers.
And talk of care givers, hmmm, how people treat these children, I pray that individuals will learn to change our attitudes towards persons living with disability in Ghana.
I smile, because I have hope, hope that my daughter will be well, that my daughter will walk, will talk and be just perfect. Trust me, I have seen some children with cerebral palsy walking and talking and nothing really shows that they have cerebral palsy.
God certainly had a purpose for this, I smile because I see the purpose being fulfilled.
Join me wish my lovely Angel a Happy 4th birthday!!!! We will be cutting her cake at the Multikids Inclusive Academy!!! Hip! Hip! Hip! Hurray!!!!

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  1. Hip Hip Hurrah
    God will continue to bring blessings into the life of Avery and you
    Jean Westmacott
    (Cerebral Palsy Africa)