Friday, July 26, 2019

Support us – Special Needs Mom to Minister of Gender

A special needs mother in Kumasi has called on the Minister of Gender, Children and Social Protection  to put in place policies that enhances the lives of families raising children with cerebral palsy

Ms Abena Owusu Konadu, mother of a four year old boy with cerebral palsy said her family has been struggling since they had their child.

“I now live on the benevolence of family and friends, both myself and my husband lost our jobs because of the many hospital appointments. Sometimes when I go to the hospital and I am giving a prescription to buy medication, I have to lie that my ATM card is not working,”

“We are a young family and we have used all our money and savings to pay medical bills, I am tired of living on the benevolence of family and friends, I want to work and earn an income of my own.”

Ms Konadu narrating her story to The Special Mothers Project, an advocacy and awareness creation platform on cerebral palsy issues, said she has started an errands business but need to put the child 
into school to be able to make time to grow the business.

“I started the “Heart and Home Errands services” where I run errands for busy families, I can do their laundry, shop for them, provide cleaning services and take care of general domestic services at an affordable price but I need money to send my son to school to enable me grow the business.”

Ms Kondau said she found a school for her son but the admission fee is 2000 cedis and an additional 400 cedis monthly to pay a facilitator,

“We don’t have any money now to pay this upfront, we have used all our savings to pay for medical bills, we go on frequent admissions and my son still get seizures, seizure medication is expensive but we cannot take him off, we are struggling to make ends meet,” she said

Ms Konadu said she used to work as a hospital administrator while the husband worked in a business firm but they got laid off

“I wish I could get someone to pay my son’s admission fee in school so that I can put him in school and work to earn an income of my own, I am tired of living on the benevolence of others,” she reiterated 

You may also share your Inspiring story with the Special Mothers Project If you are touched to support Abena Konadu with the admission fee of his son call Abena on 0553142934

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