Friday, March 29, 2019

Special Needs Mum calls for uniformity in district assemblies procedures

Mrs Gifty Addo Sunu, mother of four years old girl with Cerebral palsy has appealed to the government to ensure uniformity in the district assemblies procedures to disburse the disability funds.
She explained that most officials at the district assemblies use their discretion in determining which Caregiver qualifies or deserves to access the funds

"Some district assemblies even tell parents to join the disability Federation before they can access the funds and it seems parents are treated differently depending on who attends to them at the Assembly.”

Mrs Addo Sunu made this observation to the Special Mothers Project, an advocacy and awareness creation programme on Cerebral palsy issues. The project uses the media to advocate on issues affecting families raising children with Cerebral palsy
She said, “I have applied for educational support for my daughter and was given a 1000 cedis for the first time, however, I was told I can no longer access the funds because, I have had access onetime and should allow others to also benefit.”

“I am being forced to take my daughter out of school because I am not working, my husband who was working as a cleaner at a bank has been laid off,” she said
Mrs Addo Sunu said she knows someone whose child has benefitted from the funds from primary school to the university level.

“I wish that there will be uniformity in the disbursement of the funds with regards to parents or primary care givers of children with Cerebral palsy or other disabilities.

Mrs Hannah Awadzi, Founder and Executive Director of the Special Mothers Project, said the project is looking for support to organize seminars or workshops for various stakeholder groups including staff of the Department of social welfare to brainstorm on how to enhance the lives of families raising children with Cerebral palsy

The Special Mothers Project aims at creating awareness on Cerebral palsy issues to deepen understanding and influence policies that will enhance the lives of families raising children with Cerebral palsy.

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