Thursday, July 19, 2018

Ghana International School PTA supports Cerebral Palsy Advocacy

The Parents Teachers Association (PTA) of the Ghana International School has presented a cheque of 10,000 cedis to the Special Mothers Project, an advocacy and awareness creation programme on cerebral palsy to support their work

The Ghana International Schools (GIS) PTA organized a bazaar in February this year to raise funds for the Special Mothers Project; the activity is part of the PTA’s corporate social responsibility towards organizations that are making impacts in the lives of the vulnerable in society.

Madam Priscilla Gyasi, an Executive Member of the PTA who presented the cheque said it was the PTA’s way of giving back to society and also to inculcate in the students a sense of humanitarianism.

Mrs Hannah Awadzi, Executive Director of the Special Mothers Project who received the cheque expressing her gratitude said the money will enhance the advocacy programmes of the organization.

For the second half of the year, the Special Mothers Project will focus on creating awareness among various stakeholder groups including the media, staff of the department of social welfare, staff of the National Commission on Civic Education (NCCE), members of the legislature and other interested organizations.

The Special Mothers Project also organizes parents’ information seminar periodically for families raising children with cerebral palsy, the seminars provides an opportunity for such parents to meet, share encouragement  and experiences and empower themselves to advocate for their children.

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