Sunday, June 12, 2016

Soliciting support for Lady G

For the purposes of this article I will like to call her Lady G, I met her on the 11thof June, in a certain hospital in Accra, a woman had informed me about her peculiar situation and I was keen to meet her and share some words of encouragement and prayer.

Lady G is a mother of four, her last born Nkumim (Victory) born on the 7th of June, 2016 came out through Caesarian Session (CS). Nkumim is physically disabled, the legs are turned someway that we are not use to.

Lady G instead of celebrating the birth of a child, burst out crying loudly and uncontrollably, the statement on her lips is continuously “Why Me God!!!”

Her first born a boy now 14 years is okay, but the two children after him are all Autistic, yes, two Autistic children and now the fourth which she named Nkumim (Victory) even before the baby came out is physically challenged, besides the baby got jaundiced soon after birth.

The baby was immediately taken to the neonatal intensive care unit (nicu) and put under phototherapy but Lady G simply cannot control herself.

She weeps continuously for the first two days of the baby’s life refusing to eat at all, till she is sent to see a psychologist.

At the Psychologist’s office Lady G continues to wail, she cannot understand why that is happening to her life, she sobs “I am a very young girl and I am facing so many challenges in life” My husband is on a very meagre salary and I have not been able to work because I need to stay home to take care of the two Autistic children.

Lady G has learnt bead making, (using bead to make earrings and other accessories) and can also weave hats suitable for weddings and other special occasions but she is not able to work, getting the start-up capital is even a problem

This is couple with the fact that she has to seek regular medical attention for the children.

I did not share this story for us to only show pity, When I met her, (Lady G) the first thing I told her, is not to be engaged in self-pitying, strengthen faith in the lord and pray for strength at all times.

Now the issues, she wish that the two Autistic children could go to school, but where is the money and besides some special schools even demand that your special needs child comes to school with a Carer, how is she going to do that.

It seems that there is absolutely no support for families privileged to raise children with special needs.
  Some time ago when it came in the news that disabled children were being killed in the Northern part of Ghana, many people were outraged

But come to think of it, isn’t it the whole of society that is helping families perpetrate this barbaric act (I meaning killing special needs children) Please think about this story and pray for this lady.

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